Back when the v2 H2 products were released there was an issue where the units always presented themselves as an HDCP 2.2 device to a source preventing output on 2K displays even when a 2K EDID was selected.This condition was caused by an error in the code that applied theHDCP 2.2 rules to even 2K                 content.We have resolved this issue with new firmware that allows for output to 2K displays even when a 4K display may be sharing the source.Under the new firmware an HDCP2.2 source will output 4K to a compatible HDCP 2.2 display, however the content will switch to 1080p whenever a 4K HDCP 1.4 or 2K display     is  selected either singularly or when sharing with an HDCP 2.2 display.  This operation follows the recently enforced HDCP 2.2 rules which prevent 4K content on non HDCP 2.2 displays and matches the operation when the sources are connected directly to non HDCP 2.2 displays.We apologize for any inconvenience

    this may have caused.


    No output on 2K or 4K 1.4 displays when playing content from a HDCP 2.2 source such as a Blu-ray player or Satellite Box. 

        Affected Products








    Corrective Action

    Any product for the above models shipped March 20th 2017 will require a firmware update to correct this condition.  WyreStorm has been updating inventory that starting shipping with the new firmware installed.

    At this time firmware for H2 2U matrixes and splitters is being released as these can be updated using cables that readily available through 3rdparty outlets.  H2 1U matrixes (HDMI and HDBT kit) firmware requires a special cable that is not available at this time.  We have purchased this cable     and will make it available once it received.

    Released Firmware

    MX-0606-HDBT-H2 Firmware:https://wyrestorm.box.com/shared/static/y6mqi56s01jon7w58ftbkuust1jqlrim.zip

    MX-0808-HDBT-H2 Firmware:https://wyrestorm.box.com/shared/static/d4vtb18pt1rw6z8so15u1j1mihli8ri7.zip

    SP-0104-H2 Firmware:https://wyrestorm.box.com/shared/static/o3rt5egztm1brbaigeic94ukrl1pvwjp.zip

    SP-0108-H2 Firmware:https://wyrestorm.box.com/shared/static/3ywpaqwffndrbd5tpebcey1yexvod9yj.zip

Note:Each firmware file contains installation instructions in addition to the firmware.