In addition to the supplied database of stock graphics that are included with Integration Designer, custom graphics of almost any format may be added to any RTI handheld or in-wall controller with a colour screen.

Compatible graphic formats: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and ICO. PNG is the preferred format, as it allows for transparencies.

Graphic sizes: To determine the size of the buttons and backgrounds you are creating, look at the properties of existing buttons or backgrounds or drag your mouse over the graphics in the bitmap library. Resolution should be kept to 72ppi.

To create a custom graphics library:

- Go to the default directory for Integration Designer files: My Documents\Integration Designer\Bitmap Libraries

- Create a new folder

- Place custom graphics in this new folder

Graphics will appear as a new graphics library in the Bitmap Library Browser, identified by the name of the folder you have created. This custom library will appear each time you open Integration Designer. Note that if you already have Integration Designer open when you add a new graphic, you may need to “refresh” the graphics database by clicking on a different tab in the library browser (ex. Infrared, RS-232) momentarily for the new graphics to appear. (i.e. click the objects or commands tab, then click back over to the bitmaps tab).

Graphic designations:

Integration Designer can identify a desired use for specific graphics, such as for a background or button, by the addition of a specific ending to a file name.        

Background, Centered: ^#BGCENTER                                                                                

Background, Tiled: ^#BGTILE

Button, Normal state: ^#UPButton, 

Active state: ^#DOWN                                                         EXAMPLES:

Alternative method for adding custom graphics:                                                                       

Adding custom background:

- Right click on background of color device

- Select “Page Properties”

- Click on the green “+” symbol in the bottom left of the window                      


- Navigate to desired graphic file. Select OK

Adding custom button graphic:

- Right click on button, select “Edit Properties”

- Click on the image tab

- Click on the green “+” tab to add normal and/or active image