There are some applications that require infrared commands to be sent directly from an RTI handheld or in-wall controller, while at the sametime sending a trigger code to the system processor. Below you will find an example illustrating how to send an infrared command from an RTIhandheld controller to a plasma television, while at the same time sending out a radio frequency (RF) trigger to the system processor to controlequipment that may be located in a cabinet or closet.

Step 1: Create System Macro on control processor (RP1/RP6/XP8 etc.)This macro will store all of the commands that will be executed on theprocessor, triggered by an RF signal from the handheld controller.- Click on processor icon in system workspace- Click “Add New System Macro”- Build system macro - IR commands, RS232, relay controls, etc

Step 2: Change button property on remote to “Standalone” output mode.This will allow infrared commands to be sent directly from the remote to control the plasma display.- Right click on button>Edit Properties>Output>Standalone

Step 3: Create Macro on selected button of remote.Choose the “System Macro” option from the Command Type drop down box to add the system macro that was created on the control processor in Step 1.- Right click on button>Create Macro- Click on “Command Type”>Choose “System Macro”- Drag desired system macro into button macro

Step 4: Add infrared codes to the button macro.Since the button is in “Standalone Mode”, any commands placed directly in the macro will be stored on and sent out directly by the remote.- Choose> “Command from Library”- Select proper device, drag desired IR commands into macro