This is to inform you of a performance issue that has been identified with the T3x model remote control.  This issue does not affect all units, and if you are not currently experiencing any problems, then no action is required.  We just want to make our Dealer Channels aware to help manage expedient and satisfactory service. 

Our engineering department has investigated the T3x units returned to us, and identified a problem related to the protection circuit. The majority of the T3x units affected were on production quantities from early 2015. Since this production we have seen a significant reduction in the quantity of units exhibiting this failure.

Models affected may display one or more of the following conditions:

  • Backlight button indicates an alternating red/blue or green/blue light
  • A fully discharged battery will not recharge
  • Display remains active and does not go to “sleep” during regular operation
  • USB works inconsistently

After testing and analysis we now have a solution to repair failed units.  In addition, we have implemented hardware adjustments to prevent this issue.

  • If you encounter the above mentioned symptoms on a T3x remote control, you should call your distributor support for testing assistance, and if diagnosed with this issue, a replacement will be arranged at no cost.
  • Please note, we currently have a limited quantity of T3x units in stock, but we are expediting production to keep up with replacement requests and future orders.

RTI remains committed to high standards, and delivering world-class products. We apologize for any inconvenience and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!