Click here for a list of compatible APs

Click here to view the quick install guide

  • Firstly ensure you are using Internet Explorer (not Edge).
  • Also check that all components are running the latest Firmware.
  • Make sure the device you are using to configure is sitting in the same range as the default address of the luxul units. Click here for more details

If the quick install guide has been followed; the access points will NOT have been powered up until instructed to do so by the wizard on the web based UI.

However if the access points have been powered up they will no longer be in discovery mode and will act as stand alone access points. There are 2 ways of fixing this.

  1. You can perform a hard reset on the access point by depressing the reset button on the back of the unit while powered for 15 seconds. the units should then be discoverable by performing a search from the controller.
  2. You can log into each individual access point and point it towards the controller. ALL ACCESS POINTS COME ON A STATIC IP ADDRESS SO YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE THIS ONE ACCESS POINT POWERED UP AT ONE TIME. You will need to go to the AP's web UI and access the Administration menu and select Link ControllerYou will the need to insert the IP address that your controller is sitting at and apply.